South Oxford Community Centre

Lake Street, Oxford, OX1 4RP 01865 242666

bring and share poetry group

The Bring and share poetry group is South Oxford Community Centre's new literary offering. We will be meeting every other Friday 10.30-Noon.

There's no entry charge, though refreshments will cost £1 or 50p for members.

The group is meant to be informal and inclusive, hence its name, bring and share, definitely not sit and sneer. So everyone with an interest in poetry is welcome. The first gathering will be programmed the following way. There will be a chance to introduce ourselves and share some of our favourite poems, with discussion. This will be followed by a break for refreshments and then a chance to share your own poetry and enjoy some constructive feedback if you so wish.

The best thing about a new group is that it's yet to have become set in its ways. So whether you're a tortured hungry soul desperately in need of kindred spirits, or a more sedate being inclined to the pleasure of good company and contemplation. Or anywhere in between, please make our new poetry group your home.